Security Consulting

Floor Plan Review

Rogue Security Group will help you build a facility that will protect your employees and your products.  Working together, Rogue Security Group can help you save money by building the right facility the first time.

Security Operation Review

Rogue Security Group will review your current Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) when it comes to security and give you a detailed report on strengths and weaknesses.  

New Security Plan

Based on your business model and desired outcome, Rogue Security Group can create a Security Plan that meets your every security need.

Security Guard Services

Rogue Security Group will provide you with a detailed report on how many security guards you will need to protect every aspect of your business and why.  Proper building construction and security measures can greatly reduce your cost and number of security guards needed.

Transportation Review

Rogue Security Group will review your transportation plans and provide a detailed report on strength and weaknesses.  The report will provide you recommendation for your transportation manager to better securing your cash and products, but more importantly protecting your employees making the deliveries.

Security Alarm, IDS, Access Control, and Fire Recommendations

Based off your requirements, Rogue Security Group will research, submit documentation, and review proposals from alarm companies in your area and nationwide.  RSG will submit the proposals to you with a recommendation, along with pros and cons of all proposals.